New BSI Tanking regs made easy with Kinedo

Over the summer the British Standards Institute (BSI) released its latest codes of practice for BS 5385-1 which included a change in regulations for tiling in wet areas.

Under the revision, which is highlighted in clause, all substrates should now be waterproofed before tiling, even in domestic locations. It states that,

“In wet areas … substrates should be protected with a suitable proprietary tanking membrane system”.

This measure will undoubtedly add time and cost to the construction of new showering spaces – in the form of added labour costs (to install the membrane), additional materials costs and extended installation time. On balance, according to Colin Bland of Saniflo, the move is still a good one;

“This change is designed to improve standards for customers. For housing suppliers building new homes or renovating housing stock it will – over the long term – minimise call backs due to leaking showers. Tiles themselves are frequently not enough to stop the penetration of water given that most adhesive and grouts are porous and substrates, such as plaster board, are moisture sensitive. Adding a membrane to waterproof the area should eliminate the issue of leaks and thereby the possibility of damp and mould issues.”

However for customers using Saniflo’s Kinedo cubicles it is situation normal. Thanks to the clever design of the units the new regulation won’t apply. Interior glass panels have a clever locating system which routes water to the inside edge of the tray. The panels sit over the upstands of the shower tray to create a watertight shower area that requires no tiles, no grout and no silicone. Already known for quick and easy installation the Kinedo cubicle range has just become even more appealing and cost effective as they are not bound by tanking regulations.