IoT presents endless opportunities

Alliot Technologies specialise in the design, development and support of IoT solutions including Legionella monitoring.

Utilising IoT in Legionella Compliance enables you to:

  • Monitor water temperatures
  • Be alerted to any temperatures outside of the required safety levels
  • Run water to flush out affected pipes
  • Maintain detailed records helping you to ensure your documentation is always up to date

All of this can be remotely performed using LoRaWAN technology.  LoRaWAN uses low power wide area networks to provide an inexpensive system that can be simply installed alongside existing infrastructure.

How it works:

  1. Attach the Netvox R718CK2 thermocouple sensor and Strega Smart water valve to the hot and cold supplies you wish to monitor.
  2. Connect your sensors to a LoRaWAN gateway – this will transmit recorded data via a network server that can be either on premise of in the cloud.
  3. All recorded data is then transmitted to your chosen dashboard for you to visualise – alerts will be automatically raised to any data which may require further action.
  4. Remotely address any alerts that may be raised by flushing out stagnant water with the Strega Smart Valve, enabling you to maintain safe water temperatures.

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