Intelligent property management software set to transform the property industry

The property industry is at significant turning point as social distancing begins to highlight management challenges. Many landlords and agents have turned to property management software to combat these issues.

After several months of remote work, property owners and agents have been forced to adapt to survive the harsh market. With plenty of agencies going under and properties remaining unoccupied after months of advertisements, it has become clear that the property industry is struggling. To thrive in this climate, property managers have been changing the way they work. As Zoom calls become the norm and virtual viewings fill the media, it is evident that digital solutions are the way forward. Whilst it has been around for some time, in 2020’s competitive environment, property management software is transforming the industry.

So What Is Property Management Software and What Does It Do?

Property management software are systems which address a range of property-related issues. From combating arrears to tracking assets, these digital tools simplify the workload of landlords, agents, and property managers. They can help property portfolios grow and perform better, whilst saving time and money.


Systems like Decorus for Sage are tailored to each step in the property lifecycle. They provide tenancy and portfolio overviews to give both detailed and summarised views to the user. Assets, repairs, and inspections can all be managed within the same system. Users can store documents, leave notes, and set reminders of important dates. The software has CRM functionality to accurately monitor tenants, as well as storing contact details and agreements securely.

Property management software is designed to be user-friendly, with easily navigable sections and simple functions. Decorus for Sage also makes use of cloud servers, which not only provides advanced security but allows for remote accessibility.


Accounting can be monotonous at the best of times. On top of this, many property managers can struggle with it. Incorrect figures and inaccurate math can completely throw off accounts, making it impossible to balance your books. Decorus for Sage condenses work that may have previously consisted of calculators and spreadsheets. With a real-time integration to Sage, your financial data can be easily synced from Decorus to your accounting system.

Decorus for Sage also offers a range of helpful add-ons that can help with credit control, mass invoicing and service charges.


No tenants, no income. When vacancies become available, it is important that landlords and agents find occupants as soon as possible. Decorus for Sage uses its data stored to generate advertisements quickly, which then can be uploaded to major property portals such as Zoopla and Gumtree. Once interest starts to roll in, users can then log applicant communications until the right tenants are found.

Decorus for Sage comes with UK-based IT support and additional training sessions can be booked to make sure all users can confidently use the software. It is the only property system that works with Sage 50 and is a firm favourite for many landlords, letting agents and property managers.

So What Are the next Steps?

To try a free demo for Decorus for Sage or to learn more about the software, call the office or leave an enquiry on the website.