How To Look After A Concrete Patio The Right Way

Having a concrete patio in your garden is great for when you want to bring friends or family over for dinner. When they are set up the right way, patios can be enchanting outdoor spaces that are perfect for cooking, eating, or just generally socialising. However, you need to look after your concrete patio the right way, so here are four tips for doing just that.

Wash It Regularly

Lots of people hugely underestimate how much of a difference a good powerwash can make to the appearance of their patio. A patio that at first glance looks old, worn, and far beyond any help, can be completely transformed if it is given a thorough cleaning with the right equipment. Before you write off your patio and start looking at replacing the whole thing, it is worth at least seeing what it looks like when it’s been washed.

Obviously, washing your patio isn’t going to be able to undo any physical damage that it might have sustained. However, it will make any patio, damaged or otherwise, look its absolute best. If you are willing to pay for a professional clean, then the service will likely include the use of special chemicals and sealants that both clean and protect your patio.

Seal It Properly

A properly sealed patio is much less prone to weeds and is generally more weather-resistant and likely to last a long time. High-quality sealing products like the Smartseal products used by ProBuild Surface Care are the perfect way to keep your patio looking fresh and new for years to come. ProBuild Surface Care offers a patio cleaning and sealing service in one package, leaving your patio looking its absolute best.

Clean Up Spills And Stains Immediately

If your concrete patio is sealed, then it should be protected against most stains. However, it is generally best to avoid testing this theory by making sure to clean up any spills as promptly as you can. The quicker you are at cleaning up a spill once it has occurred, the less chance there will be for it to stain your concrete. Staining can occur much more rapidly than people realise, especially with certain substances. Reacting quickly is the key to preventing any permanent discolouration.

Be Careful About Weight

If you have access to an open concrete patio area in your garden, it is only natural to want to make as much use of it as possible. For many people, this means bringing out barbecues and other appliances and potentially even erecting more structures on top of it.

Concrete is a very strong material, but like anything else, it has its limits. If you go overboard with the weight that you put on your patio, you will start to decrease its lifespan and wear it down quicker. Just because it doesn’t crack and break immediately, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t suffering damage.

Concrete is a durable material and if you have your patio professionally cleaned and waxed then it should last you a long time. However, you should still be mindful of the weight you place on it and make sure to clean up spills quickly to avoid staining.