Housing Asset Management Conference: Safe and sustainable homes

“Housing associations build around a third of all new homes but could build more with the right ambition and support.”

– Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Local authorities and housing associations own a combined four million homes in England. Maintaining such a significant estate represents a serious challenge to social landlords, who also have a crucial role to play in the government’s housing strategy by building even more homes.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy put health and safety in social housing into sharp focus, highlighting the obligations for landlords to ensure their properties meet the highest possible standards. Meanwhile, new technology provides opportunities to make homes healthier, greener and more efficient.

Join us for the Housing Asset Management Conference where leading experts will explain how to effectively maintain, improve and expand your property portfolio. Understand how the sector can support the market by building more homes, anticipate how changes in demand and demographics will impact on landlords and see how the latest technology can help you manage your housing assets.