Fire sprinkler systems – Cover your investment

Residential fire safety, particularly in multi-storey buildings and tower blocks is a key focus for housing associations and local authorities as the retro-fitting of fire sprinkler systems now an essential part of a multi-million pound investment in fire protection upgrades.

With many HAs and LAs making significant contributions to the cost of this package of improvements, questions regarding ‘best value’ and ‘cost effectiveness’ must be considered while ensuring that quality and safety are not compromised.

As sprinkler system pipework usually needs to be surface mounted when retro-fitting in flats and communal areas within existing residential blocks, it is important that pipework and sprinkler heads are concealed to provide a more aesthetic finish and conceal the system’s components while acting as a visible barrier to potential tampering.

Versa fire sprinkler boxing is manufactured from preformed 5mm thick, FSC® ‘Chain of Custody’ certified material and are available in a range of sizes to meet specific project requirements and pipework configurations.

An 8mm thick FSC® option is also available and the range also includes dedicated accessories, such as internal and external corners to help create an integrated finish to the sprinkler installation.

From our experience of working with contractors on countless social housing projects, Versa can typically be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives. Potentially the most important advantage is that costs can be reduced, by cutting the time spent during the installation without compromising the quality or integrity of the installation.

The focus is rightfully on improving fire safety in high-rise residential buildings, and Versa can make a contribution to that process in terms of effectiveness, ease of installation and economics by helping conceal sprinkler pipework and ‘covering’ the significant investment in sprinkler systems.