Encasement helps HAs save time and money boxing in boiler pipework

As housing association heating system refurbishment and upgrade programmes aim to reduce emissions and energy consumption while improving efficiency, it is also important that the updated systems look good and are cost effective.

To help achieve this, Encasement’s pre-formed boiler pipe casings are manufactured to the required boiler dimensions and pre-finished with durable melamine or laminate, so there is no need for on-site fabrication or painting, allowing them to be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives, which saves time and money.

By using and Encasement pre-formed boiler casing, which are supplied to the correct dimensions, the freestanding casing just slides into place underneath the boiler, which can be done by the heating engineer at the time of the boiler installation.

Also, as each casing is manufactured to the same high quality, using only FSC® ‘Chain of custody’ certified and sustainably sourced timber; they provide a consistent finish, as well as being compliant with housing association sustainable procurement policies.

Every boiler pipe casing order is accompanied with a copy of Encasement’s FSC® certification, which takes car of compliance and traceability. Also, as the company supplies so much FSC® boxing, it can purchase cost effectively, so there’s no price premium for using FSC® compliant products.

Routine maintenance and boiler servicing is simplified too. With site made boiler casings they’re usually damaged or destroyed during removal, which requires their replacement or re-manufacture, as well as re-fitting, all of which adds labour and materials costs. As Encasement’s pre-formed boiler casings are self-supporting, they can be easily removed and replaced in seconds, dramatically reducing the time maintenance engineers need to be on site along with the associated cost.