5 Reasons Why You Must Invest in Combi Boilers

One good feature of a conventional boiler is that you can receive water from multiple sources (mains), heat the water, and use it. Similarly, you can also conserve the heated water in the storage tank specifically built for that purpose. On the flip side, once the conserved water in the storage cylinder runs out, you have to wait for some time for the water to heat up again! Why on earth should you go through this unnecessary stress and delay when there is a better option?

To solve this challenge, combi boiler, a cognomen for combination boiler (as it combines home heating and on-demand hot water within the same compact unit) has been invented to guarantee you express heated water on the go. No more waiting for heating up, all that is required of you is to turn on your tap, and voila! You have the water you need, heated to your requirement! This is an extraordinary innovation in the heating and plumbing industry!

While I am not unmindful of the scepticisms of a few as to whether or not to invest in combi boilers, here are five reasons why you should invest in combi boilers. Don’t worry, I assure you, I won’t delve into the abyss of too many technical details in providing these reasons.


The increasing number of Gas Safe Registered Engineers and other certified boiler installation technicians has made the installation of combi boilers easier, faster, and more efficient. Also, because these installers charge on the basis of time spent, a fast installation saves you money and personal time required in monitoring the installation process.

Although some say the installation may be done by anyone, we suggest you engage the services of a certified fixer to install your combi boiler due to some technical features in the process of installation. 

Moreover, you are likely to retain the warranty status if your installation is carried out by a certified installer.


Investing in a combi boiler will reduce your energy expenditure and carbon footprint over time. You get to save about 20-35% of your gas bill per time compared to conventional boilers that are more energy-consuming. 

The means that you can have more money for other essential uses. Interestingly, a combi boiler can run on mains, gas, or oil and can heat water to about 60°C. What more do you need to convince you? You can make that move today!


One striking feature of a combi boiler is its portability. Unlike conventional boilers, combi boilers are light, easier to install, and small in size. The reasons for these excellent features are not far to see: they are manufactured for people on the go! In other words, unlike the regular boilers where you may be required to wait for some moments for your water to heat up, the combi boiler is not so. All you need to do is switch on your combi boiler faucet, and voila! You can have that warm bath in no time. 

Another important reason you should invest in a combi boiler is the edge it has over the conventional boilers concerning space. The combi boiler is suitable for small-sized bathrooms. Regular boilers take up large space due to their inbuilt tank. I wonder what further reason(s) you require before you invest in combi boilers. Decide today!


Perhaps you require more reasons to convince you to invest in combi boilers? Here is another vital reason: Combi boilers are easier to maintain. Maintenance has become more important due to the increasing growth in science and technological innovation and advancement. This advancement has incorporated the aspect of ease in maintenance. You can do it yourself or employ the services of a professional in doing this. This ultimately reduces your central heating cost, improves your home’s energy efficiency, and puts more money in your wallet. Why settle for less? Invest in combi boilers today!


here are several brands of combi boilers you can choose from with varying degrees as to cost. However, one main cord that rings through in all of these brands is the amount of money you would be saving over time compared to conventional boilers.


Now that you know these facts, you should also know that the time to invest in a combi boiler is not tomorrow but today. Take action now!