Could rent caps be the new battleground?

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Is it time to overhaul the rental sector’s court system?

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Is renting really just for the young?

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Protecting tenants’ payment data

By Simon Cook, Head of Compliance, allpay Ltd We know from our own 2019 survey of almost 300 social renters (292) with housing provided via their local housing association or council, that 34.39% preferred to pay rent by Debit Card.... View Article

LGA responds to Local Government Homelessness Commission report

Responding to a report from the Local Government Homelessness Commission, launched by the Local Government Information Unit, calling on the Government to adopt a national housing and homelessness strategy with sustainable funding for local authorities, the Local Government Association’s Housing... View Article

We need more oversight for landlords

Patrick Mooney calls for more regulation of the private landlord sector The lack of a single regulator for the private rental sector has always surprised me, but it’s increasingly becoming an unsustainable position and one where change in the near... View Article

CIEH calls for better regulation for letting agents

Responding to the new investigation by Which? into unfair practices from Letting Agents, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has called for better regulation for letting agents. The Which? Investigation found that some lettings agents are using unfair practices... View Article

The Homes Act 2018: a landlord’s guide

By Richard Walker, National Technical and Development Manager at Peter Cox This April, the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitations) Act came into effect. The updated legislation allows tenants in England and Wales to pursue legal action against landlords who do... View Article

Coffin Mew comments on no fault evictions

Following recent reports that the government will consult on no fault, or section 21, evictions, Adrian McClinton, Partner at Coffin Mew comments: “The government’s announcement that it is consulting on the removal of ‘no fault evictions’ represents a seismic shift... View Article

New technologies inspire optimism on energy use

Patrick Mooney explores why new technologies are inspiring him to be more optimistic about our use of energy The challenges posed by global warming in terms of how can we reduce carbon emissions, safeguard our health and pass on a... View Article

How to keep your home warm and avoid emergencies

We never know what weather is awaiting us from one week to the next, but while our climate is always unpredictable, one thing for certain is that we will have a prolonged cold spell at some point during the year.... View Article