Notting Hill and Genesis to merge

Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association are set to merge after the boards of both organisations reached an agreement on Wednesday (19 July).

The new landlord, Notting Hill Genesis, will serve a total of 170,000 residents and be the largest provider of shared ownership tenure in the country. The organisation will be one of the largest housing providers in the UK, managing 54,000 homes across London and 64,000 across London and the South East, half of which will be general needs homes with social or affordable rents.

Notting Hill and Genesis are hoping the merger will enable them to deliver around 2,700 new homes a year, 400 more than would be achievable separately.

Notting Hill Genesis Chair Designate, Dipesh Shah, said: “Uniting two associations with a common culture, a common vision and an aspiration to enrich their social purpose augurs well for the future of the merged entity. I look forward very much to being part of it and to helping the new organisation on its journey.”

Genesis Chief Executive Neil Hadden added: “I have always believed that there should be more consolidation within the sector so that our capacity can be utilised better to provide more homes and improved services for our customers. To that end, this merger makes complete sense and I am pleased to have been involved in getting it off the ground. I look forward to continuing to lead Genesis until the merger is complete in early 2018.”